Metropolitan Linear Park


La Paz | Bolivia

Urban Project of the Metropolitan Linear Park La Paz-El Alto / Bolivia

In a territory of imposing dimensions, complexity, and natural beauty, the Metropolitan Linear Park La Paz-El Alto is a proposal for citizen social innovation based on a systemic project spanning 17.5 km. It is nestled within the geography of the Andes Mountain Range with the purpose of generating a diverse and positive impact on the daily lives of inhabitants in two neighboring cities situated 400 meters apart in altitude. By introducing this new mobility circuit, the project contributes to climate change strategies, resilience, sanitation, and demographic and social sustainability. It achieves this through alternative modes of land and landscape planning, enabling the connection of the cities of La Paz and El Alto through pedestrian and bicycle routes.
The project is developed within the framework of the Programs and Initiatives of the Urban Development and Housing Division of the Inter-American Development Bank | IDB.

Our services for Metropolitan Linear Park were:
3D Rendering
CGI Animation

CGI Animation