Since our inception in 2004, GRAFF3D has been on an exciting journey of growth and development in the world of renders and 3D animation. We love collaborating with developers, the real estate industry, and our amazing community of design and architecture professionals to bring their visions to life

GRAFF3D is a dynamic, proactive and recreational study dedicated to render production and 3D animation trough the use of digital technology

We work hard to provide our clients an excellent tool to broadcast, display and commercialize their projects. Along the way, we have innovated in 3D Rendering, CGI Animation, 360º Virtual Tour, software for real estate projects, and different products whose main element is the image.

GRAFF3D understand the necessity of speeding the creative and production process and answers to the industry’s demands within their execution periods. In GRAFF3D we consider all aspects of production, from a concept till the detailed finishing of a project. At the same time, we exchange ideas, create graphic scripts and carry out the necessary tasks in accordance to the work’s reach. Once the project is completed what we deliver is a high quality and visually impacting product for it to be spread, published, and commercialized effectively.

The strength that pushes us forward as a company is and has always been the human team that forms GRAFF3D. The constant wish to evolve, to top ourselves and the passion we feel towards innovation is what has made us a highly competitive company in the world industry of visual representation.

GRAFF3D is a team formed by architects, designers, digital artists and illustrators that love what they do and work as a team.


Diego Esterlizi

Founder | Creative Director

Pablo Luna

UNC Architect | Founder | Production Director

Patricia Vaquero

UNC Architect | Founder | Business Development

María José Massa

Lic. In Administration UNC | Accounting and Finance

María Victoria Delbachian Santos

Project Manager | Architect

Marina Burd

Project Manager

Cristian Lana

UNC Architect | Art Director

Julieta Cassini

UNC Industrial Designer | Art Director

Gerardo Oviedo Ponce

Art Director

Sebastián Szczepañski

UNC Architect | Art Director

Gastón Vallejos

Digital Artist | Corona Renders® Official Instructor | Research and Development Specialist

Jorge Fernández

UNC Industrial Designer | Innovation Specialist

Emmanuel Insaurralde

Digital Artist

Jhony Jiménez Ruiz

Architect | Digital Artist

Romina Medus

UNL Architect | Digital Artist

Julian Diaz

Digital Artist | Architect

Iván Pizarro

Lic. In Film and TV UNC | Audiovisual Editor

Diego Ignacio Romero

Audiovisual Editor

José De La Torre

Technology Specialist | IT Support

Esteban Ávila

Technology Specialist | IT Support

Victoria Cruceño

Marketing and Communication Leader

Gustavo Del Giudice

E-commerce Specialist | Sales Representative Latam

Joel Sarmiento

Content Manager

Guillermo Peralta

Sales Representative UAE